In The Time Before Everything

In The Time Before Everything

An artistic commemoration of a time we’ve all lived curated by Paula Varjack, featuring seventeen images and texts by twenty artists (three in collaboration by couples).

Paula invited those involved to select a photo, taken on their phones in the weeks before the first U.K. lockdown was announced, and to write a short text reflecting on the moment of that photo, from the perspective of now.

These images were then developed by Paula onto polaroid film, with a line from the accompanying text. The rest of each text was printed on a handmade vellum paper sleeve enclosing the polaroid, enabling you to see the image through it, while also protecting it. Paula was interested in the poignance that comes from looking back at those moments before our lives were changed by the pandemic, from an artistic and international perspective. Those involved include performance artists, writers, visual artists and one doctor, based in London, Berlin, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Glasgow, Bristol and Birmingham.

Though this is an unlimited edition, each will be bespoke and made to order, with text/s available in english, german, spanish, portuguese and french. With the nature of polaroid, and the vellum sleeves being handmade, each one will be entirely unique.

All profits split between artists.

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