Starring as Naima

90 Minutes

90 Minutes is set against the backdrop of Sunday League football, taking place entirely on one morning at London's Hackney Marshes. As the match moves towards its dramatic conclusion, secrets unravel and emotions are laid bare.

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Starring as Madame Mimi

The Numbers

The Numbers follows the stories of Millie, a young woman about town in 1955; Colin, a down on his luck musician in 1983; and Daniel, a well-meaning young man in 2018. All three are drawn together as they try to understand the consequences that choosing 'the numbers' will have on them.

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Starring as Various

Tales from Pussy Willow

Tales From Pussy Willow is multi-award winning satirical sketch show by Kate Jessop for adult audiences exploring queer, feminist and absurdist themes. It takes the form of 2 – 3 minute animated episodes which each explore a different situation within the fictional British town of Pussy Willow.

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